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Ukraine against shoes from China

2011-07-30 13:04:04
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Ukraine against shoes from China

KIEV, July 29. Chinese shoes is 80% of the total light industry imports to Ukraine. Ukrainian producers are initiating an antidumping investigation, according to the portal Dengi.ua.

According to the president of the League of shoe manufacturers, leather goods and furs "Ukrkozhobuvprom" Alexander Borodyni, the association began collecting evidentiary material to initiate anti-dumping investigation in respect of footwear imported into Ukraine from China.

"Keep open dumping of Chinese shoes into the Ukrainian market. The customs value of imports of Chinese shoes in the average is $ 3-3.5 per pair. It is - absurd price, it can not be, because the stores are completely different prices ", - says Alexander Borodynya.

The chapter "Ukrlegproma" Tatiana Izov told that the association has conducted anti-dumping investigation (on imports of certain goods light industry with reference to a particular country), and spetsrassledovaniya (without binding to a specific country). For example, the result of spetsrassledovaniya imports of cotton textiles was the introduction of an additional import duty.

In previous cases, the effect of the introduction of import duties on the goods was brief: "brought in. duties. For several months the company happy, but then began importing the same goods, but under other trademarks subcode. For example, the fabric was imported under the symbol "Hammers chops" - said Izov.

According to her, long term benefits from the introduction of additional fees possible, if after their introduction will be strict control over the import of goods under the proper codes.

As official statistics show the WTO against China often initiated trade inquiry, whose results are applied accordingly. For example, for the period 1995-2010 the EU has initiated 96 antidumping investigations, the United States - 101. Anti-dumping measures were adopted on 68 and 79 investigations, respectively.

In addition, recalled Natalia Mykolska, the EU has been conducted anti-dumping investigation against imports of footwear from China, and the results of a decision on the application of antidumping measures. It is true that this decision is being challenged by China as part of the consideration of disputes in the WTO.

Source: news.mail.ru

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