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Sports club

2011-07-07 14:47:26
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Sports club

Sports club "Seybald"

Sports club "Seybald" one of known sports clubs not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The basic purpose of club: preparation of the sportsmen of maximum sports skill on boxing, kickboxing and hand-to-hand fight, and also preparation of the bodyguards. For 18 years of activity of club more than ten foremen of sports are prepared. Two foremen of sports of the international class, one deserved foreman of sports of Ukraine. The sportsmen of club win 33 gold medals of championships of the World on kickboxing. In club more than 100 sportsmen train.


Among them the four-multiple champions of the World Mayya Arabidze and Anton Volkov. The double champion of the World Mark Grodz. The champions of the World Artem Artvih, Alexander Bratchykov, Valeriya Kalyna, Ekaterina Konoh, Denis Bodnar, Ivan Bulavin, Vlad Voloshko, Karina Shulepova, Ivan Ovsienko. The most powerful contribution was brought with the deserved foreman of sports of Ukraine, carrying title " the Ukrainian ninjia "  Denis Baldin. In 2011 he has won 18 gold medals of a championship of the World on kickboxing (version WPKA). This best achievement by quantityof gold medals among the sportsmen of Ukraine.


Sports club


We offer:

1.    Having sewed the exclusive sports form. All sizes. Any colouring and material.

2.    Sports form. Our Internet - shop is ready to offer you service. A huge choice of footwear the carefully selected models, we like our clients and we care of, that the purchase on our site became for you pleasant rest. We aspire, that on footwear and clothes the responses of the buyers were only positive

3.    Security services: protection of objects and enterprises. Personal protection

4.    Preparation of the bodyguards

5.    Show - group "ninjia" 18-multiple of the champion of the world

6.    Deserved foreman of sports of Ukraine Denis Baldin.

7.    Foreman a class Дениса Denis Baldin. With departure in any city

Our address and contact:

(UA) Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, street. Covalevska, 71a

site:  www.Seybald.do.am

E-Mail: bcv@ua.fm  

(UA) tel: +380675222522


Sports club

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