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Shoes Fall - Winter 2010 - 2011

2010-06-23 01:35:08
Geraskin, PE
Shoes Fall - Winter 2010 - 2011

   Footwear of a season autumn - winter 2011 repeats fashionable tendencies 2009 and 2010. Already which season a successively high platform together with a spike heel, footwear on a platform sole. These tendencies have found an embodiment in all footwear. At materials traditionally there is a fur, jersey, a colour score, a combination of the invoice of a leather of a reptile, suede.
   One of leading fashionable trends of a season autumn – the winter 2010-2011 is a lacing. In collections there will be a lot of a beautiful interesting footwear on a low square heel that should please lovers of convenient and practical footwear.
   This autumn fashionable boots – for all tastes and colour! Designers of footwear offer high jack boots, boots with classical, low convenient heels, on convenient low heels. Boots will look like with bends of a leather and without them.
   In the autumn of 2010 among models of low low shoes all heels are actual almost: classical, a hairpin, the stable square.
Platform in the autumn 2010 and winter of 2011 also the actual. In the summer the platform reached the big height and now safely passes during a season of autumn 2010 - winter 2011.
   Platform sole. Designers have proved that the platform sole – not only is convenient and practical, but also rather beautiful. The sole of shoes on a platform sole happy thin, but a heel from outside a heel kind, is flat, is does footwear on a platform sole the graceful.
   The most fashionable trend in this autumn and in the winter - a lacing. This autumn and winter of 2010-2011 the lacing and its imitation will be almost on all kinds of footwear.
   The classical footwear always was, is and will be fashionable, in collections autumn 2010 – the winter of 2011 classical shoes already will be more.
   Be fashionable! The fashion to you will bring good mood!

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