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Leather for shoes and not only

2010-06-20 23:44:22
Geraskin, PE
Leather for shoes and not only

There are many kinds of a leather, but the leather of a kangaroo is original in every respect

  The supplier of a leather of a kangaroo on the world market is the Australian continent. Every year the government of Australia establishes quotas on quantity of shooting of these wild animals. Annually this quota fluctuates within 6-7 million. Approximately 3 million units of leathers from a kangaroo goes for export to Europe and America. The overwhelming majority from them goes on manufacturing of football footwear.

  The leather of a kangaroo is intended for manufacturing not only strong, but at the same time flexible items. This leather unusually flexible, easy, it can be divided without significant loss of durability. If it to divide into more thin substances, the leather of a kangaroo saves considerably the best degree of durability in comparison with not cut leather, than a leather of the calf. If it to make is more thin to 20 % from its initial thickness, the kangaroo saves from 30 to 60 % of the initial durability in comparison with not stratified leather. For comparison the leather of the calf reduced to 20 % from the initial thickness, saves only 1-4 % of the durability.

  It has allowed manufacturers of football footwear to reduce weight and to improve feeling of contact to a ball, considerably to increase protective qualities of such footwear for football players. Such characteristics are especially important during an epoch not absolutely safe footwear with large thorns, rigid selections of a ball and constantly growing quantity of traumas.

  Throughout formation and development of football the leather remained a classical choice and till now is presented in many high quality models of sports footwear. When play football, safety should remain a major factor, therefore it is not necessary to be afraid to spend a little bit more money for qualitative football footwear

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