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ExpoShoes Online project's

2012-03-25 19:50:04
ExpoShoes Manager
ExpoShoes Online project's


Hello dear representatives of business shoes and accessories!

The project is "hate" for 12 years based on the ups and downs, difficult moments in our business, lack of sleep nightly, and ideas that may be useful to you. We can not go on a paved road, or someone of someone ideas. If anyone thinks about the project badly mistaken.

Our project "ExpoShoes Online" - the largest growing network of 30 thematic resources in the CIS. This is our independent, developing a network of projects. A little bit about them:

Resource directory, advertising and news (10 languages, targeting info-network in the world), blogs: "ExpoShoes Online" International www.ExpoShoes.com;

Exhibition Project in Ukraine: "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" www.ExpoShoes.com.ua (Online version, Ukrainian);

Exhibition Project in Ukraine: Exhibition of Footwear Industry, Dnepropetrovsk (Offline version of the site, a small Ukrainian exhibition);

25 thematic network resources in retail sales in Ukraine, the project "VZUTTYA-Ukraine" www.obuv.kiev.ua + others.

We have combined resources in case a large complex, they are unique in form design and integrate the whole cycle of searching for your partner, production and sales from wholesale to retail.

We suggest you place your TM on our projects, and maintenance of wholesale trade for the producers of shoes and accessories!

In your short resource address can be so: www.exposhoes.com.ua/tm

Your expenses miserable.

Exclusively on the use of the sum of depreciation allocated to you account on the server. Additionally, it includes:

Creating an account for your page with a description of the TM and the prescription of keywords for better search your TM on the Internet;

Placement of advertising and news about TM on www.ExpoShoes.com to RSS news (+ sots.setyami integration and links to the catalog of goods www.ExpoShoes.com.ua / tm). Published direct links to your site's directory www.ExpoShoes.com.ua;

Placement of advertising and news about TM on www.ExpoShoes.com.ua RSS news (+ sots.setyami integration and links to the catalog of goods www.ExpoShoes.com.ua / tm). Published direct links to your site's directory www.ExpoShoes.com.ua;

Above photo catalog description of your set of TM and the Principles of up to 1000 characters. On the right description of the logo TM.

% With order (regardless of the size of the order) of its support (including the costs of communication, support);

Prices are set on a project only to the wholesale selling of the company!

The project "ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" since the beginning of the month of February-2012 at www.ExpoShoes.com.ua already brought housed industrial enterprises orders (manual and online orders).

Of course, in addition, if your wish lists can be made to wholesalers and we can provide you with more information and advertising services (but can do without them, though I shall consider for your help for my project).

We respect your job, try not to "impose" these services to you. There all the same, whether you have a website or not it. You can simply put a banner on our site and your customers expect. Although all individuals. There is a complex job for the entire business of manufacturing and wholesale to retail sales, with only Ukrainian producer - power! Working in the subject and the "embodiment of the exhibition" - when a lot of manufacturers in one place, you wait for wholesale orders and more recognition of your name, thanks to publication of the article for you with links to directories, not only in Ukraine but also outside of it!

In the development of 25 regional retail sites www.obuv.kh.ua, www.obuv.kiev.ua and others with the same name. Your brand is recognizable in the Ukraine, will be referred to the outlets of Ukraine in their free accounts to 25 regions (orinetirovochno launch in 2012, is a very difficult project development, no one helps us, and we hope only on your hand).

Serg Geraskin www.odnoklassniki.ru/geraskin

Thank you.


ExpoShoes Online International www.ExpoShoes.com

ExpoShoes Online Ukraine www.ExpoShoes.com.ua

ExpoShoes Online TV (new!)

VZUTTYA Ukraina www.obuv.kiev.ua + 25 region's

Skype: exposhoes (rus)

Mobile: +38 (067) 2618001 (ru) Sergei Nikolaevich

Mobile: +38 (050) 2704272 (ru) Sergei Nikolaevich


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