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Online Exhibition of footwear in Ukraine

2011-08-06 13:47:27
ExpoShoes Online
Online Exhibition of footwear in Ukraine

ExpoShoes Online UA - Exhibition catalog wholesale footwear and accessories from manufacturers in Ukraine. All only on producer prices!

(Launch shows online in September 2011, is a preliminary record producer) We offer real help and co-producers of footwear and accessories take care of your business in our online and offline projects.

We both work out contract terms that can mutually be interesting for both parties, which will increase your sales and brand awareness in the CIS and other countries.

By working with our projects, working on the principle of "One specialized network," you will loose some precious time, giving it immediate occupation of your business. Service online and offline (showroom), CALL - support for entrepreneurs and advice needed information - is not everything that can be incorporated into the development. We will introduce wholesale customers in Ukraine (not only) with your brand, providing you with excellent opportunities for advancement through our specialized directory:

1. Free news publication are placed in our brands to promote them through our resources: a. ExpoShoes Online-International resource www.exposhoes.com - International Footwear Industry Project, an international directory of manufacturers and private (individual) entrepreneurs shoe industry production and sales.

· News, RSS News in 10 languages, and;
The Russian-language blog ·;
· English-language blog;
• In the project development of a specialized section of the "International Directory of sites" in several ways.

 b. ExpoShoes Online UA www.exposhoes.com.ua - Free online catalog of outdoor footwear and accessories, equipment and materials from manufacturers. Includes:

Quantcast - News Brands (manufacturers) placed in an open directory of shoes and accessories from manufacturers · Open Directory with convenient navigation placed on the resource production of complete sets with options for up to a wholesale / prev / order the client;

· Option for any before / pre / order on the article online · Option offline or to order / pre / order through the showroom in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (the conditions are discussed separately);

c. "BALL SHOES» www.obuv-shara.com-specialized project sales remains in storage products manufacturers on the "ball price" for retail buyers:

· Free hosting online articles and not seasonal seasonal quality wholesale goods being in stock on the balance of producers and their representatives in the factory and stock prices. Selling defective, carrying and not a liquid commodity

d. "SHOES Ukraine" - The network of regional thematic portals (25 for each of the 25 regions of Ukraine, including Crimea, site name example: www.obuv.dp.ua). The ads closed (open) and move stores, regional partner search, thematic news of the region (there is time between the project).

2. Free presentation shoes and accessories to choose from producers in the online catalog of footwear and accessories online www.ExpoShoes.com.ua project ExpoShoes Online UA. Your products will be available on our resource categories from 1 to 4 clear photographs of good quality, for each article separately.

3. Opportunity to purchase goods directly from manufacturers through our public catalog of shoes. This is a wholesale to / prev / orders online directory of shoes and accessories for different types of kits, provided by the manufacturers, brands or organizations that host online www.exposhoes.com.ua

4. Wholesale customers, dealing with footwear and accessories, always has the ability to view products in the showroom of Dnepropetrovsk (provided by the manufacturer to provide the samples and it stands).

5. Free registration and tracking of orders to wholesalers project.

6. ** Free accommodation products in the catalog pictures of shoes and accessories.

7. Then distribute to our database footwear industry project ExpoShoes Online, including foreign audiences to choose from.

8. Search for your order just what you need to do business.

9. Free posting informational articles on the blog and RSS ExpoShoes Online Resources page www.exposhoes.com and www.exposhoes.com.ua (obligatory registration for publishing articles on your behalf or on behalf of Brenda in the resource www.exposhoes.com).

::: Note:::

The bigger producers are in one place, the more likely the purchase, for this and there shows! Always more before / to / orders to bear fruit! Try us, it's interesting, profitable, attractive to wholesalers! Dying away their garbage sites, invest in specialized projects!

We wish you a wonderful holiday and a great business! The administration projects ExpoShoes Online.

* Product placement in an open directory of shoes and accessories manufacturers in Ukraine - Free.

** Up to a reasonable number.

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