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Deliveries of footwear from China

2010-03-07 16:54:48
Geraskin, PE
Deliveries of footwear from China

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
On a site you can familiarise with the wide nomenclature of the Chinese footwear of leading manufacturers of China. The basic models and their images are presented in the catalogue of production which you can download on the computer.
Production deliveries are carried out in any city of the CIS by container parties under the order. For order formation it is necessary to inform:

      Names or identification numbers of the goods;
      Quantity of footwear of everyone the name;
      Delivery terminal point;
      Your contact data

Your inquiry will be considered as fast as possible and the best quotations according to the nomenclature and order volume will be offered you.
Let's be glad to see you among our clients.

E-MAIL: chinanewstar@163.net web:http://www.cn2ru.com
Bodies in China: (Whether) + 86-13928817508 +86- 13725415585 Rita
Fax: + 86-20 62812286 We speak in Russian.

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