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Footwear repair, shoe materials

2010-03-07 12:00:03
Geraskin, PE

Footwear repair, the shoe materials completing for footwear, the shoe equipment

   Dear colleagues, you welcomes Open Company "BERTAUN".
Company "BERTAUN" offers wide assortment of the equipment and accessories for footwear. These are shoe materials - glue shoe, soles, shoe nails, shoe rubber, heel-taps, heel-taps metal, and also the manual tool and other shoe equipment.

Our assortment is made by results of carrying out of marketing research of account materials for repair and footwear tailoring. We offer various, and the main thing the necessary goods for workshops on repair and tailoring of footwear, clothes, to manufacturing of keys.

Company "BERTAUN" is engaged not only realisation, but also manufacture of the tool and completing materials for manufacturing and footwear repair. The shoe equipment is made by manual way, skilled masters, taking into account all requirements of the customer.
Open Company "BERTAUN" co-operates not only with representatives of large Russian factories and factories, but also with large manufacturers from Armenia, Italy, Turkey, Poland, China.

Brand of our firm is the specialised tool for repair and tailoring of footwear and manufacturing of products from a leather and fur.

For convenience of clients Open Company "BERTAUN" warehouse is located near to metro station «Water stadium», in territory of a trading zone, with a convenient entrance for automobile both lorries. The extract and goods reception is made on a place. Order delivery across Moscow and Moscow Region the free!

Fast and qualitative service of our clients is carried out for the account of completely automated system.

We are glad to offer flexible system of discounts for any shoe equipment and materials for large and small wholesalers.
For constant clients of the company the system "bonus" operates.
To regional clients we can give delivery through the transport companies.

Yours faithfully, young and amicable collective of Open Company "BERTAUN".

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