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Acquired the www.obuv.kiev.ua

2012-01-06 15:37:31
ExpoShoes Manager
Acquired the  www.obuv.kiev.ua

The project «ExpoShoes Online» Business acquired the domain name www.obuv.kiev.ua

- Recall that in 2012 the project «ExpoShoes Online» runs the initial version of the project "VZUTTYA Ukraine." Network of 25 portals shoes and accessories will be owned separately to each of the 25 regions of Ukraine under the name "obuv" (shoes). (Name of region). Ua It's all regional centers of Ukraine, including Crimea.

- The project affected the provision of useful information on the regional centers and cities of the area, reporting on thematic exhibitions, stores shoes and accessories, retail market venues and shopping malls, opening and closing (moving) points of sale, classified ads from our visitors and the search for work a little advertising. Will also be posted and discounts, search by brand and not a standard size picture production, the location nearest shoe shop and information about them on the map and other useful services, including free.

- Producers who will participate in the life of a network of thematic projects, the shoe industry «ExpoShoes Online» will always have an extra bonus in the region, placing the data on retail stores and their products by promoting their brand, thus eliminating unnecessary calls to manufacturers to retailers customers on request, to sell wholesale merchandise at retail.
At this stage of preparation for the start of the project we accept and consider applications from professionals who may become members in their field. We consider various options for cooperation in each region.

- Network Project «ExpoShoes Online» - this is international news and social business network, directory, «ExpoShoes Online Ukraine" - is an exhibition of shoes, a directory of manufacturers of shoes and accessories, "VZUTTYA Ukraine" - a network of 25 portals and retail and wholesale footwear the network.

C Sincerely, ExpoShoes Online Business

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