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International Exhibition on Shoes

2010-10-03 14:12:46
ExpoShoes Online
International Exhibition on Shoes

Remind you that becoming more popular Ukrainian International Exhibition of footwear, leather and fur, which visitors are manufacturers and entrepreneurs, producers from many countries around the world, organized by the National Union of Leather and Shoes and Art Expo Media Group

We offer you a tentative list of participants in this exhibition, according to the website of the International Exhibition in Kiev, 15 Brovarsky Ave





1 UGG Australia, Australia - Australia Footwear
2 Bravo, San Marco, Private Belarus, Vitebsk Shoes
3 Marko, Marko, JV Belarus, Vitebsk Shoes


4 Grand Collection Brazil - Ukraine Footwear


5 Caprice Schuhproduktion GmbH & Co.KG, Germany, Pirmasens Shoes
6 Wortmann KG, Tamaris TM Germany, Detmold Shoes
7 MARCO TOZZI TM, Wendel GmbH & CoKG Germany, Detmold Shoes


8 Stahl, Neohimiki Ukraina, OOO Netherlands - Ukraine Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology


9 Neohimiki Ukraine, Ltd. Greece - Ukraine Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology


11 Nilukica, L. T. Top Service S.r.l. Italy Manufacture of leather and fur
12 Pellitalia Italy - Ukraine Leather and skins / Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology
13 EKOІTALІYA, TOV Italy - Ukraine chemicals, instruments, equipment, technology


14 Floare, Inc. of Moldova - Ukraine Footwear


24 TESEO, Firma Handlowa Poland Shoes
25 Janal Poland Shoes
26 Kostex TM Poland, Przemyśl Shoes
27 But-S, Kravchenko VB, PE Poland - Ukraine Footwear
28 Poland Senso Shoes
29 Juma Poland Shoes
1930 Luna Poland Shoes
31 Wota TM Poland - Ukraine Footwear
32 Perfekt Poland, Przemyśl Shoes
33 Conhpol Poland Shoes
34 Barbara Poland Shoes
35 Szydlowski Poland Shoes
36 Ann - Fur Poland Shoes
37 Kabala Poland Shoes
38 LUKASZ, Kravchenko VB, PE Poland - Ukraine Footwear
39 BESTER Poland Shoes
40 Tapi TM, AM-Trans Poland Shoes
41 Acord, Poland, Laskarzew Shoes
1942 Badura, Firma Handlowa Poland Shoes
43 Temar, Kravchenko VB, PE Poland - Ukraine Footwear
44 Sala Shoes Poland
45 Karen Poland - Ukraine Haberdashery and Accessories
46 ARLECH S.J. Poland, Przemysl Shoes
47 Polonus TM Poland Shoes
48 Awangarda Poland, Przemyśl Shoes
49 Alexander Poland, Przemyśl Shoes
50 Baldacini Poland Shoes
51 Korzeniowski of Poland Shoes
52 Goral Poland Shoes
1953 AGA Poland Shoes
54 Impresja Poland Shoes
55 Acord, Poland, Laskarzew Shoes
56 SkotBut Poland, Przemyśl Shoes
57 Moderna Poland, Przemysl Shoes
1958 SAN Poland Shoes


59 Beppi TM, Planitoi Portugal Shoes
60 Nobrand, Maximo international, IMP. EXP., S.A. Portugal Shoes


61 Deyimoda / Angelina, Ltd. Russia, Moscow Shoes
62 RALF Ringer Russia, Moscow Shoes
63 Corvari'S Romania Shoes


66 ARC-EN-CIE L Turkey Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology
67 Ce-Plast, Okge Turkey, Istanbul Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology
68 Cevahir Deri Turkey Leather and skins
69 Turkey Cihan Deri Leather and skins
70 Derima Deri Turkey Leather and skins
71 Erluks Turkey - Ukraine Leather and skins
72 Evihan Deri Turkey Leather and skins
73 Ileri Deri Turkey Leather and skins
74 Kampana Turkey Leather and skins
75 Kardersan Deri San Turkey - Ukraine Leather and skins
76 Kavaz Deri Turkey Leather and skins
77 Modas Deri Turkey - Ukraine Leather and skins
78 Nina Stefano Turkey - Ukraine Footwear
79 Opak Turkey Shoes
80 Turkey Osso Shoes
81 Rem Shoes Turkey - Ukraine Footwear
82 Seckin Deri Turkey Manufacture of leather and fur
83 Selina Leather, Alfa Kurk ve Deri SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey Leather and skins
84 Uyguner Deri Turkey Leather and skins


85 4Rest Kito Ukraine, Lugansk Shoes
86 Akuz, Kuzmenko AP PE Kharkov Shoes
87 Akvilon TM Kharkov Shoes
88 Alen Group Kiev, Ukraine shoes
89 Alex Bell, Odessa Footwear
90 Alex TM, PE Tolstoguzov AE Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
91 Alexandro TM, PE Zhuravchenko AA Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
92 AllShoes Kharkov Shoes
93 Alromaro Ukraine, Nikolaev Shoes
94 Alter, Kyiv, Ukraine Manufacture of leather and fur
95 Ambriella Furs Kharkov Manufacture of leather and fur
96 Anabell TM, SPD Stebko LA Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
97 Annet, Odessa Footwear
98 Arriana, Odessa Footwear
99 Artkidi TM Kharkov Shoes
100 Artos TM Kharkov Shoes
101 Artsakh TM Ukraine, Krivoy Rog Shoes
102 AVangard TM Ukraine, Krivoy Rog Shoes
103 AVK TM Kharkov Shoes
104 B & G TM, Prince Pard, Odessa Footwear
105 Basconi TM, It-Girl TM, Blizzarini TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
106 BeLaLi TM, PP Belyaev, IV Ukraine Brovary Shoes
107 Belfo, a trade group, Jagoda, FDP Kravchuk, SD Ukraine, Kharkiv Accessories for shoes, accessories
108 Belisimo TM, Odessa Footwear
109 Berg TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
110 Bertoni TM Kharkov Shoes
111 Bistfor TM, PE "Bowes" Ukraine, Brovary Shoes
112 Blossem TM, Ellenka Shoes Company, Odessa Footwear
113 Bogun, SPD-FL Kharkov Shoes
114 Bonis TM Kharkov Shoes
115 Botico TM, Odessa Footwear
116 Box & Co TM Ukraine, Krivoy Rog Shoes
117 Broni TM Kharkov Shoes
118 Brooman TM, Odessa Footwear
119 Buddy Dog, Odessa Footwear
120 Burana, Odessa Footwear
121 Calif Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
122 Caman TM, Kaman NWP Ukraine Brovary Shoes
123 Carnavalle Kharkov Shoes
124 Chanotte Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
125 Charme TM, Inc. "Shoe Alliance Ukraine, Brovary Shoes
126 Cliford Comfort TM, Kyiv, Ukraine Footwear
127 Comfort Kharkov Shoes
128 Comfort Baby, Odessa Footwear
129 Cornelio, "RosStil, PE Tarasenko GY Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
130 Crisma Kharkov Shoes
131 Danshoes Collection Ukraine Slavyansk Shoes
132 De Loris Ukraine, Kiev Haberdashery and Accessories
133 Detta Ukraine, Kharkov region., R. Zmeyev Shoes
134 Di Lusso TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
135 Diamond Kharkov Haberdashery and Accessories
136 Digis Ukraine, Kiev Haberdashery and Accessories
137 Dino Rossi TM, Kyiv, Ukraine Footwear
138 Diosa, Odessa Footwear
139 Dixi, PE Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
140 Dj Salon Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
141 Djakomini TM Kharkov Shoes
142 Don Luciano TM Kharkov Shoes
143 Dosofi Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
144 El Passo TM Kharkov Shoes
145 ELCHE, Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
146 Ellenka Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
147 Elmira TM, Odessa Footwear
148 ESco TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
149 Esente Kharkov Shoes
150 ESTE collection Ukraine Brovary Shoes
151 Everest TM, Odessa Footwear
152 Fabrica TM, JSC Production Association, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kharkov Shoes
153 Faer TM Kharkov Shoes
154 Faro TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
155 Fast Step, Odessa Footwear
156 Ferde TM Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
157 FioRe Kharkov Shoes
158 Flamanti Kharkov Shoes
159 Flamingo TM, Odessa Footwear
160 Floare, Trading House Ukraine, Chernigov Shoes
161 Foletti TM Kharkov Shoes
162 Foot Step TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
163 Foremen Step, Kogut PP Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
164 Forever TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
165 Forsage TM Kharkov Manufacture of leather and fur
166 Four Seasons Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
167 FS Collection, FSC Phoenix Ltd Ukraine, Brovary Shoes
168 Furnitex Kharkov Accessories for shoes, accessories
169 Gama TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
170 Garderob.net Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
171 Garland, PE Krasnov IE Odessa, Ukraine Haberdashery and Accessories
172 Gavary Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
173 Gevo Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
174 Gina TM Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
175 Grand Style TM, Odessa Footwear
176 Grizzly TM Kharkov Shoes
177 Gundogdu Deri, PE Degtyarev AV Ukraine, Turkey, Leather & Equipment
178 Hitcher TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
179 Home Story TM, Biti, LLC Pacific Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
180 Honey Bunny Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
181 Imac TM, PE Light, NG Ukraine, Kiev Haberdashery and Accessories
182 Inblu TM, JV "Reef-1, Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
183 Jose Amorales TM, Ellenka Shoes Company, Odessa Footwear
184 Jump TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
185 Kakadu TM, company Ukrshuz Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
186 KazteR, Kaznavetsky SS PE Philippines, Vishnevets Shoes
187 Kepper TM, PE "Єdnіst Ukraine, Brovary Shoes
188 Klassika Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
189 Kleo Kharkov Shoes
190 Kluchini TM Kharkov Shoes
191 KOTO TM Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
192 KPN, PE Kononenko PN Ukraine Brichkovka Shoes
193 Kuva TM Kharkov Shoes
194 Kyotex TM, Oscar LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine Footwear
195 L. Forma, TM Kharkov Shoes
196 LA CASA, the Spanish House of Fashion, Kyiv, Ukraine Footwear
197 Lady Unica TM, LLC Yarosvit Ukraine, Brovary Shoes
198 Leader Style, PE Kohut IV Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
199 Lesta TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
200 Lexi Kharkov Shoes
201 Lider Club TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
202 Lino Marano TM Kharkov Shoes
203 Litfoot TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
204 LIV Company TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
205 Lordons Ukraine Brovary Shoes
206 Loyana Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
207 M. DiS Ukraine, Odessa, components, accessories, leather, chemicals
208 Madiro TM, Madiro TZOV Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
209 Mafia Roma Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
210 Magari Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
211 Maraldi Ukraine, Kiev Manufacture of leather and fur
212 Marco Kavaleri Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
213 Marini Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
214 MarkadiS TM Kharkov Shoes
215 Mary Land Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
216 Masis Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
217 Mativi Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
218 Max Mayar TM, Maximoda TM, Maillard PE Philippines, Brovary Shoes
219 Maybik TM, Odessa Haberdashery and Accessories
220 Merlini, Odessa Footwear
221 MIDA TM, Meade Ltd, OOO NPF Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
222 Minimen Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
223 Miratti TM, PE Krasovskii, SA Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
224 Mishel TM Kharkov Shoes
225 Mistral TM, Shoe Factory, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Shoes
226 MITRO TM, Naydenov PE Philippines, Brovary Shoes
227 Modus Vivendi TM, BSF "Style" Kharkov Shoes
228 MS, studio shoes Kharkov Shoes
229 New Style Kharkov Shoes
230 Nik TM Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
231 Nivelle Kharkov Shoes
232 Nugget Kharkov Shoes
233 Obuvstanki TM, Yakovlev IV PE Kharkov Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology
234 Oksion Kharkov Shoes
235 Olli Kharkov Shoes
236 Olteya, PE "Comfort-Plus Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
237 OsFill Kharkov Shoes
238 Ovsianikoff TM, LLC TDM Ltd Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
239 P.G.V. TM, PE Petrushin GV Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
240 Pallati Ukraine Ilyichevsk Shoes
241 Paolla, LLC Procyon Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
242 Passio TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
243 Passo Avanti TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
244 Podium, Odessa Footwear / Manufacture of leather and fur
245 Poli TM, PE Perepelitsa OI Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
246 Potticelli Kharkov Shoes
247 PRIME MATERIAL TM, Footwear Corporation, Odessa Leather and skins
248 Princess, Odessa Footwear
249 Promenade TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
250 Punto Bella Kharkov Shoes
251 Queen, Ellenka Shoes Company, Odessa Footwear
252 Ricchezza TM, Odessa Haberdashery and Accessories
253 Rivana TM Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
254 Roberto Netti TM Kharkov Shoes
255 RoMaX TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
256 Rondo Kharkov Shoes
257 Ross Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
258 Salon "Madam" Donetsk, Ukraine Footwear
259 Santegros TM, Kovalenko AV SPDFL Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
260 Santini, PE Philippines, Berdichev Shoes
261 SeBoNi TM, PE Pichinyuk SA Ukraine Brovary Shoes
262 Setex TM, PE Krasovskii, SA Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
263 Shark TM Kharkov Shoes
264 Shoes 4 Seasons Kharkov Shoes
265 Sico Fusion TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
266 Silver TM Kharkov Shoes
267 Sovt Plast, Ltd Kharkov footwear, accessories, accessories
268 Staff TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
269 Steel TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
270 Stefani TM, Odessa Footwear
271 StePTer, PE Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
272 Strado TM, PE Krasovskii, SA Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
273 Tatis Kharkov Shoes
274 TopS Kharkov Shoes
275 TOTO Kharkov Shoes
276 Trendhunters Group, Restime TM, Odessa Footwear
277 Twenty Two, the company Kharkov Shoes
278 Udekasi Kharkov Manufacture of leather and fur
279 Valeri TM Kharkov Shoes
280 Valex TM, PE Chepurnaya EI Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
281 Valintyno TM, Odessa Footwear
282 VanKristi TM Kharkov Shoes
283 Veber Ganette TM Kharkov Shoes
284 Vels TM, Bondarenko, PE Philippines, Brovary Shoes
285 Venison Kharkov Shoes
286 Veritas TM, Mallanee TM, PE Makarchuk TA Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
287 Vicci Ukraine, Kiev Haberdashery and Accessories
288 Viko TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
289 Vikttorio Kharkov Shoes
290 Viler Kharkov Haberdashery and Accessories
291 VIP, Petryshyn PE Kharkov Shoes
292 Visano TM Kharkov Shoes
293 Viscala TM, SPD Storm NA Ukraine, Odessa Footwear
294 Vitex Kharkov Shoes
295 Vitis TM, Schick Art Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
296 Vitto Rossi TM, Odessa Footwear
297 Vladeks TM Kharkov Shoes
298 VoLeA TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
299 Vortex Ukraine, Comb Shoes
300 Winner TM Ukraine Brovary Shoes
301 Wishot TM Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
302 Wladna TM Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
303 WOB studio Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
304 Xtep Sport Shoes Ukraine Ilyichevsk Shoes
305 Yarche-shoes TM, Inc. Ruban SV Ukraine, Kharkiv Shoes
306 YDG TM, Gubar PE Kharkov Shoes
307 Yefim Garanin TM Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
308 Zotti, firm Kharkov Leather, accessories, chemicals, packaging, press
309 Іgnart, PP Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
310 Agrotehkozha, Ltd Kiev, Ukraine Leather
311 Alexander, PE Samborski AB Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
312 Arial, Ltd Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
313 Beletsky, Ltd. Kiev, Ukraine Manufacture of leather and fur
314 Belsta Ltd Ukraine, Belgorod-Dniester Shoes
315 Belyaev, Inc. Ukraine, Nikolaev Manufacture of leather and fur
316 Bereginja, Inc. Ukraine, Chernigov Shoes
317 Bogatka, Inc. Ukraine, Zhitomir Shoes
318 Vaslav, Inc. Kharkov Shoes
319 Vozko, Inc. Ukraine, Voznesensk Leather and skins
320 Voznesenskoye shoe company, ZAO Ukraine, Voznesensk Shoes
321 Dolgan, Inc. Kharkov Shoes
322 Double Kharkov Accessories for shoes, accessories
323 Yermachkov, Inc. Kharkov Shoes
324 Zhіnochy Svit, Kyiv, Ukraine Haberdashery and Accessories
325 Golden Fleece, Odessa Leather, fur
326 Interkozha Ltd Ukraine, Kiev Leather and skins
327 Kadar, Ltd Ukraine, Lutsk Shoes
328 Kadir, Inc. Shaposhnikov M. Ukraine, Simferopol Accessories for shoes
329 Cameo, Inc. Shevkunov AA Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
330 Kaur, PE Aronovich ML Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
331 Kiev furniture factory, Ltd Kiev, Ukraine Accessories for shoes, accessories
332 Kiyashko, Ltd. Kiev, Ukraine Footwear
333 Kononchuk LK, Ltd. Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Haberdashery and Accessories
334 Crocus ST, GEMINI SRL Ukraine Brovary Accessories for shoes, accessories
335 Lіder TM, TD Svit VZUTTYA Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
336 Letnitsa TM Kharkov Shoes
337 Liubava TM, Inc. Polyakov, LI Ukraine, Rovno Manufacture of leather and fur
338 Malva, TZOV Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
339 Mobitek, Inc. Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region Haberdashery and Accessories
340 Natalie TM Ukraine, Nikolaev Shoes
341 Prestige HM Factory 1901 PP Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
342 Prestige HM Factory 1901 PP Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
343 Roma - Style, PP Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
344 Rossokha, Inc. Ukraine, Lugansk Manufacture of leather and fur
345 Rudko, Inc. Ukraine, Lviv Shoes
346 Fleece TZOV "Comers" Ukraine, Lutsk Manufacture of leather and fur
347 Sadovskaya, PE, Odessa Footwear
348 Salama, Ltd Ukraine, Pervomaisk Shoes
349 Svitanok, tanneries, of Ukraine, Kiev Leather and skins
350 spill, Ltd Kiev, Ukraine Leather
351 Sports Luxury, Shop, Odessa Footwear
352 Staleks, Inc. Kolodyazhni AV Ukraine, Kharkiv Accessories for shoes, accessories
353 Tіbet, TZOV Ukraine, Lviv Accessories for shoes, accessories
354 Ukrainian Kozhepererabatyvayuschaya Company Ltd Ukraine, Voznesensk Leather and skins
355 Ukrkozhinvest Ltd Ukraine, Kiev Leather and skins
356 Uhach, Inc. Ukraine, Rovno Shoes
357 PPM, LLC Ukraine, Yellow Water Accessories for shoes, accessories
358 Hutro, OST, CHPKF Kharkov Accessories for shoes, accessories
359 Czech, PE Lapitsky Ukraine, Zaporozhye Shoes
360 Chobotar, Inc. Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Shoes
361 ShagoVita TM Interkristall Ltd Ukraine, Khmelnitsky Shoes
362 Shalunishka TM, Odessa Footwear
363 Shana 06 Ukraine, Kiev Shoes
364 Elsa, Ltd. Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Haberdashery and Accessories

Czech Republic

365 Minerva, Shevtsov VA, ChP Ukraine - Ukraine Chemicals, tools, equipment, technology

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