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Expensive shoes in the shop Manhattan

2010-04-09 23:01:50
Geraskin, PE
Expensive shoes in the shop Manhattan

On news of newspaper NYDailyNews that in Manhattan, in shop Silvano Lattanzi the most inexpensive pair of footwear will manage to you in $1.200 and it there will be simple trainers. More strict boots from a pleasant veal skin will manage already in $3.175. And the most expensive pair of footwear in it will cost $18.000. This model is custom-made from a crocodile leather. It is necessary to understand that it will not give the chance to you to go on water.

  Very interestingly, but even in the conditions of crisis this shop has no problems with defect of buyers. One of clients of this shop, the cosmetic surgeon, for recent 7 years has acquired from them footwear for the sum exceeding $500.000!

But why the price for such footwear so high? Lattanzi explains it to that the price in many respects depends on complexity of manufacturing. Work on one pair footwear sometimes includes about two hundred various operations, and on time takes on the average about thirty hours. 26 shoemakers at factory in the Italian province Marche manufacture in a year of 2.500 steams of footwear using in work ancient "know-how".

At purchase the footwear will be enough rigid. Before durable it is recommended to put on them 3–4 times a day for some time that they became more convenient and after that they will take the form of your foot. The majority of buyers of this shop businessmen, but among them is even world renowned persons, such as Arnold Shvartsnegger and the Pope who likes to purchase from them velvet slippers.

Let's add that not always, since the first moment, the rigid footwear, can cause that is called "as inconvenience or a defect" manufacturers in buyers. It also is, the most reliable footwear made in due form of manufacturing of footwear and application of the present quality, your respect deserving further.

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