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Presentation in Ukraine and Russia

2010-05-23 14:01:18
Geraskin, PE
Presentation in Ukraine and Russia

To data of the organisations of the shoe industry and the persons concerning the industry of production and sales of footwear, bags and accessories!

   Management of project ExpoShoes Business Online the decision acceptance of sharing of our project in the international exhibitions of the various countries was accepted. We assume to visit as soon as possible the international exhibition of footwear in Ukraine, the city of Kiev which will be is conducted in the International Exhibition Center on the left coast and during the period from July, 20 till July, 23rd, 2010 we assume to visit the international exhibition to Russia, the city of Moscow in Gostini dvor, for the period from August, 24 till August, 26th, 2010.

   For realisation of the International Exhibitions Shares from project ExpoShoes Business Online will operate. All interested persons attending to production and sales of a leather, a shoe haberdashery, the equipment, footwear, bags, accessories to footwear and other way materials can be registered or keep free of charge the demand for registration for our project and begin sharing in the international project of development of the shoe industry.

   Our project will be constantly improved and develop, promoting development of your business and reception of additional revenues through a network the Internet in the thematic international project of development of shoe industry ExpoShoes Business Online!

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