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Sports Opportunities shoes SABO, Russia

2010-10-16 11:28:19
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Sports Opportunities shoes SABO, Russia

Company SABO - Russian manufacturer of athletic footwear and sports goods under the registered trademark of SABO. For over 10 years we produce shoes for the following sports:

Skiing - the most popular sport, historical development in our country. Therefore we have created in ski boots for cross country skiing different systems (SNS, NNN, NN75). Our range of ski boots will satisfy both the novice athlete and professional skier

Boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo, wrestling - the most common types of martial arts in Russia. Therefore, have been created - Tops for Greco-Roman wrestling, boxers, Tops for sambo and wrestling - sambovki.

Weightlifting, weight-lifting, bodybuilding - strength sports are gaining popularity. We have created special shoes - classic leather shtangetki to squat on his heels and shoes for the deadlift. Shtangetki and boots for the deadlift - professional equipment for powerlifting and weightlifting.

Football - for fans of this popular game, we offer football boots for different types of fields and surfaces - natural and artificial, as well as shoes for futsal - indoor shoes.

Artistic gymnastics - are keen for the sport and fans of physical culture - traditional leather Gym shoes.

Tourism - for active recreation, we produce Trekking shoes. These hiking boots are perfect for hiking or for everyday wear.

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