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Recommendations for the care of footwear

2010-04-07 16:31:48
Geraskin, PE
Recommendations for the care of footwear

Recommendations about care of footwear:

 - Footwear which you carry every day, it is necessary to clean not before an exit from the house, and at once as you have come from street. If you have come back home after winter walk on snow-covered roads, shake from boots snow and wipe them there and then a dry pure rag. If to footwear except snow the dirt at first clean off a dirt a wooden stick has stuck, wipe footwear damp, and then and a pure dry rag.

- The footwear can be made waterproof if to grease it some times along seams linen or касторовым with oil, and also a mix from equal parts of wax and fat.

- If the footwear nevertheless has got wet to dry it it is possible in the different methods. Is better blotted shoes or boots to dry in a special dryer (they can be acquired in good shoe shop). Other method - hardly to fill socks of boots a newsprint which perfectly absorbs a moisture. If to replace a paper some times, the footwear will dry up more fast. Besides, it is possible to dry footwear with the help... A vacuum cleaner! For this purpose insert into a boot a hose without a nozzle and include the device.

- Never dry wet footwear (including a nursery) near fire, on an oven or the central heating battery - will more expensively manage. From a heat materials from which the footwear is sewed, are deformed, the leather by degrees loses elasticity, and the threads fastening details, collapse. Also it is useful to take out and dry regularly the supplementary warmed insole (if that is present).

- It is necessary to grease footwear with a cream daily. Always choose a cream to match to footwear. Do not think that the colourless cream is universal. Such cream is good only for light footwear, dark from it grows dull. In 5-10 minutes after you have greased footwear with a cream, will brush (for each cream the brush) is required.

- The varnished footwear should be wiped from time to time a rag moistened in milk. The grown dull places can be wiped the cut bulb, and then to polish with a soft dry rag. That the varnished footwear was not jarred on it it is necessary to grease sometimes with vaseline, glycerine or касторовым oil.

- Rubber footwear preserve against petrol, kerosene and various oils. Wash it outside and from within. Insoles erase and periodically process footwear from within a solution of potassium permanganate or special disinfecting an aerosol. Also it is useful to polish rubber footwear with a rag moistened with glycerine - from it the footwear will long save shine. Not to keep rubber footwear there where there is a naphthalene, rubber from it grows coarse and loses colour.

- The footwear from a skin of type of velour should be cleaned a rubber brush daily. To freshen colour, it is necessary to rub from time to time such footwear with the cotton wool moistened in milk or liquid ammonia and after it will dry up.

- Valenoks and felt boots if they very dirty, properly wash up (only consider that the footwear can "sit down"). Having dried, clean a rigid brush or a fine-grained leather.

How to prepare footwear for storage after the season termination?

Necessarily well wash up and clean all footwear which you are going to "preserve" before a following season. At all do not rub leather boots with a usual cream for footwear, its efficiency duty will not suffice on all storage time. Is better to smear leather surfaces with special protecting fat structure of that sell in shoe shops. It will help to save softness of a skin, will strengthen water resistance, will prevent occurrence of cracks on a surface. Necessarily insert into footwear that modelling shoes have not turned in shapeless. Also do not keep boots on a summer residence, temperature drops and humidity - main enemies of a leather.

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