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Pedro Garcia spring-summer-2010

2010-02-04 03:08:40
Geraskin, PE
Pedro Garcia spring-summer-2010

Collection Pedro Garcia spring-summer/2010 – imagination without borders
The new spring-and-summer collection of footwear of the well-known Spanish mark Pedro Garcia does not put us before a choice – simplicity or luxury, convenience
Or refinement, elegance or expressiveness. In it there is everything, and in it its unconditional exclusiveness.

The exotic

At collection Pedro Garcia of Vesna-Leto/2010 there are elements of ethnic style which cardinally change appearance of footwear, doing its unusual and exotic. So, traditional sandals on a flat sole become very effective thanks to a brilliant disk from the African tree with pitch impregnations.

The tree is not simple an ornament, and the central element in a summer collection of 2010 Pedro Garcia. The powerful sculptural soles of sandals executed from a natural tree, are ideally combined with the strips of a skin attached by fasteners of the corresponding shade – black, coffee, colours of an iris or a praline. One more must-have a season – cабо with open cape. Even at first sight incompatible details inexplicably are well combined in collection Pedro Garcia, and bright colours give footwear refinement and elegance.
The magic

To find an ideal shade light pink. To find colour of a green grass with a small hint on colour of a sour apple.
To connect them with akvamarinovo-turquoise and citreous. To play on contrast with noble and elegant shades, not very well dark or light: colour of a sea wave, black, dark yellow and dairy.
And, at last, that the most important to connect all this coloristic variety to an easy and gentle leather of the beaver … So designers transform footwear Pedro Garcia into a source of multi-coloured optimism.
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This summer in a mark collection there will be gym shoes on wide laces, boots intensive both amazing  colours and gym shoes without laces of more neutral shades with large, gold colour, a mark logo.

Line finish a little minimal sandals without buckles with the anatomic thongs, presented on a flat sole and on пробочной to a platform.

All this variety of models with their surprising colouring, refined beauty and deliberate simplicity causes attracting pictures of summer carefree pastime – rest at the French coast or serene days off in a small village, far from narrowness and vanity of cities.

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