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Footwear for salvors and firemen

2010-03-04 23:50:11
Geraskin, PE
Footwear for salvors and firemen

    The project «FIREMAN» the Czech firm EUROSTA s.r.o. Our firm is the exclusive representative of firm PRABOS, VULKAN and DEVA in territory of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. The purpose of our site is to present to firemen and salvors the complete information on production of these firm and to grant possibility to acquire it.
We represent also production of other firms which can interest our colleagues.
You can familiarise with some product samples at our representatives in regions.

                Firm PRABOS is one of the best European manufacturers of protective and special footwear for army, bodies of the law and order, fire and also various industries. The high-quality footwear for tourism and productive leisure uses a great popularity.
The firm has been created in 1860 and for almost 150 years of the history has accumulated a working out and production wide experience. Having own design office, laboratory and experimental production firm PRABOS not only constantly improves a design of the items, but also it is capable to develop in short times on request of the customer new models. The big benefit of firm is the wide technological possibilities allowing effectively to lead both business lot, and a small-scale production, including piece under the individual order.
The firm is the carrier of certificate ISO 9001 and licences for use of membrane Gore-Tex. The firm monitoring system of quality requires at many items realisation tests of each pair as in the course of production, and its termination. For example, each pair of footwear with membrane Gore-Tex passes test for water resistance in a centrifuge.
Items PRABOS concern average and maximum price group. Therefore the basic customers are the enterprises conceiving economically and caring about health of the employees and also elite army and police divisions. Especially often footwear PRABOS can be met there where on quality of footwear really often depends not only health, but also human life.
Working out, test, pilot production, testing is made in Czechia. The main capital of firm are people the majority from which has studied in firm of 15 and more years. Cases when at factory 3 generation works already are frequent.

                Firm Vulkan specialises on production of high-quality rubber footwear. Use of a wide spectrum of rubber mixes, in many respects unique technology, modern additional materials, such as for example Neopren, has allowed to create samples of rubber footwear, not only not conceding on convenience of carrying and consumer properties, and is frequent and surpassing leather analogues. Footwear Vulkan is known well by hunters, fishermen, workers of many trades, including firemen and salvors. It is enough to tell that some models of rubber boots protect a foot from a cut бензопилой on the most maximum established 3 class.

                We are interested in that our production has found a way to our customer. Our long experience in Europe says to us that those who have tried to carry our footwear, remain our long-term adherents. Therefore on our site you can even order one or several steams of footwear without registration and to be convinced that we have in view of, speaking about quality.

Footwear for salvors and firemen

                Our shop is possessed in the city of Zlin (the Czech republic) and supplies goods on territory of Byelorussia, the Russian federation and Ukraine.

Prices of goods

                Prices of goods are fixed in EUR, but can be represented in roubles of the Russian Federation or grivnas. Payment can be made also in one of these currencies. We gives discounts to 15 % depending on an order price and the memory discount to 5 %. It is important to know that discounts are summed up.

Goods payment

                Payment is made by the transfering to an account in Czechia, Russia or Ukraine or with use of payment cards. The goods are delivered after receipt of means.

Delivery of goods

                The goods can be received in our warehouse or mail. Delivery cost miscalculates at the moment of order registration at a choice of a method of delivery. Shipment of the goods from a warehouse is made only under the preliminary arrangement.

Exchange of the goods

                In case the goods for any reasons have not approached you, are saved in original package, have no use traces, you can exchange it, having referred it in our address in the method convenient for you and in writing us on that having notified. Cost of transfer both the returned goods, and the goods sent on replacement is paid by the buyer.

Return of the goods

                In case the goods for any reasons have not approached you, are saved in original package, have no use traces, it is possible to return it in our shop during 10 days of receipt. It is necessary to let us know return of goods in writing in the indicated term. Return date is date of dispatch of the goods mail in our address. Cost of transportation are paid by the buyer. Money for the goods comes back to account of the buyer within 14 days from the moment of goods receipt to us. The good value without cost of transportation minus handling costs at a rate of 15 % comes back.

The warranty for the goods

                On the goods the warranty is established 2 years from the moment of acquisition. If the buyer considers that has the bases to the claim, it is necessary to inform to us in any method convenient to you and the variant of the decision of a situation will be offered you. Validity of the claim is advanced by manufacturer during 30 days, and in case of occurrence of disagreements – the independent organisation having of right the decision of similar disputes when due hereunder.

Our contacts:
tel./fax.: +7 4995025369
tel./fax.: +380 445945229
tel.: +420 607 513 196
fax: +420 577 221 481

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