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Spartak wholesale footwear

2010-09-30 15:38:28
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Spartak wholesale footwear

Shoe factory "Spartak" - one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Russia. The company was founded back in 1916, but for its nearly century-old history of being actively developed and today it is among the ten largest shoe factories in Russia.

Shoe factory "Spartak" makes women's, men's and children's footwear under the brand names of "Spartacus." The quality of our shoes is the main priority of "Spartacus" - Shoes of our brands are made of natural materials with strict observance of all technologies.
Retail and wholesale of shoes from the factory "Spartak"

Footwear brand of "Spartacus" is realized through its own retail network, which currently employs more than 75 branded shoe shops "Spartacus" in 31 cities of Russia.

The company "Spartacus" is pleased to work with partners who want to buy shoes in bulk. Buy shoes wholesale from the manufacturer - it is an opportunity beneficial to buy quality products without middlemen overpayments. Our company can purchase men's and women's wholesale footwear, and footwear for children.

Wholesale Shoes "Spartacus" is also carried through the online shop, which registered a buyer can see our new collections of shoes and place your order. For our partners who buy shoes wholesale, we offer flexible pricing policy.

Buy shoes at the company's "Spartacus", buy shoes wholesale - then buy the goods of high quality demanded by consumers.

We invite you to a business partnership!

Contact us at:

Russia, 420107, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, ul.Spartakovskaya, 2.
e-mail: spartak@spartak-shoes.ru,

phone 7 (843) 264-63-33


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