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Manufacturers. Myths and Reality

2010-08-21 16:38:12
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Manufacturers. Myths and Reality

Everyone has long known that some shoe manufacturers do not have our own production and resorted to the production of its brands in Italy and China, India and Brazil. This is not a bolt from the blue, this is the reality of our days. It is a fact of modern business, which is devoid of dignity and respect for workers in industries of their continuous professional work and skills in different countries. So we have - our employees are laid off, and instead are working professionals from other countries. Cheaper, but no such respect. The fact remains that we do not care about its citizens in their country. You may say that it is not? Do not believe it! I admit my respect for the leaders of countries that support high-level their production and provide jobs for its citizens. As it turns out that in the pursuit of profit lost morality. Of course, there are big advantages in saving finances false producers, but at the same time losing its independence, we staem hostage situations, because no proper action governing authorities and their officials, who run this industry trend.

To date, support for the leaders of any countries in their domestic producers is urgent and global issue of national security. It is worth considering, gentlemen. Peace to all, but do not forget to develop their industries! Develop and exports its products to otechestvunnuyu different countries on their names brands and show you what you can for your people!


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