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Women's and men's footwear wholesale

2010-09-11 01:04:18
ExpoShoes Online
Women's and men's footwear wholesale

The main activity of our company - selling shoes wholesale, mainly Russian producers. Shoes that offer Russian producers is tested and fully adapted to Russia's severe climatic conditions. In a highly competitive manufacturers are betting on quality, so use in the manufacture of shoes, only modern technology and high quality natural materials. There is a unique opportunity to acquire this category of goods in accordance with your budget as well as men's and women's shoes, our company wholesale in Moscow at an affordable price.

Inexpensive shoes, we offer wholesale, above all, meet the necessary standards of quality. The main resource of any company, this team. From his professionalism, integrity in work and spiritual atmosphere depends almost everything - from the comfort of communication for the customer responsiveness of the work and responses to questions and concerns to the strategic planning of the company's much time to come. Sensitivity and responsiveness of our staff, willingness to resolve possible problems or difficulties in co-operation, pleasantly surprise you.

Our specialists are constantly monitoring what's new shoe market, so an inexpensive women's shoes, men's shoes offered by wholesale in Moscow, fully satisfy the most demanding buyers. The main advantages of the footwear include durability, comfort, excellent appearance. Inexpensive shoes, bought in bulk in "My Shoes", will serve your customers more than one season. Constantly updated product range allows you to select the necessary products that comply with the latest fashion trends. Our company offers only brand-name goods covered by manufacturer's warranty. Selling shoes wholesale - this is an area in which we see ourselves as professionals.

If you open your shoe business, we offer a mutually beneficial cooperation, which will be very convenient and easy. You can buy women's shoes, men's shoes wholesale at the best price.

Cooperation with our company will bring you higher sales of shoes, buying shoes wholesale.


st. Krasnokazarmennaya, D. 14A


7 (495) 799-92-50

Contact E-mail: info@nashaobuv.ru

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