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Company Mirko Ciccioli

2010-06-02 12:09:13
Geraskin, PE
Company Mirko Ciccioli

Company Mirko Ciccioli exists already more than 40 years, creating and manufacturing the Italian footwear only the first-rate quality. Of the company are assured that production of the footwear represents itself not simply mechanical work, and and creative process, therefore in this business the talent and calling of workers is very important.

   Factory Mirko Ciccioli is in one of known shoe areas of Italy, in the city of Montegranaro, area Mark. It has been based in 1960th years when the footwear was produced by handicraftsmen on the basis of the present Italian traditions. Manual labour was always appreciated, as in this case only the footwear acquires unique appearance. Also each detail thus was exposed to careful processing.

  Masters had special sensitivity to materials with which they had to work, possessed in perfection the basic technicians of manufacturing of footwear. All these abilities allowed to receive footwear which ideally looked and long did not wear out. This experience also has laid down in a basis of production of footwear Mirko Ciccioli. The first models of the footwear which has appeared in the Italian market, have been created by experts, therefore they very fast have found the admirers. Company Mirko Ciccioli never stays on the reached. It constantly develops, running in new technologies and receptions which lean against the strong base – the Italian traditions checked up by time. Thanks to such effective approach company Mirko Ciccioli as of today offers footwear only the first-rate quality, created by skilled professionals on the modern equipment.

   The company attends to manufacturing of collections of man's footwear in which it is possible to find the most different models. The basic orientation of the company is a footwear of classical type, and also in collections there are models of fashionable footwear of sports style. Many men do not depart from the principles, choosing for itself footwear only classical type. Company Mirko Ciccioli offers wide range of the present Italian footwear which is necessary to taste to any man. Men who prefer free style in clothes, also can pick up for themselves models.

Company Mirko Ciccioli constantly cares of quality of production. Shoe production is adjusted in such a manner that each stage is supervised even before the end, therefore the probability to receive rejected production is reduced to a minimum. Any pair of the footwear which have appeared on sale on internal or on a cross-border market, will not have any defects. For company Mirko Ciccioli it is very important to support the reputation not to lose trust of the regular customers and to win an arrangement of new clients. Each our employee of the company is an expert at the level, being a link of one chain. Only harmonious work in one direction will bear desirable fruits as it occurs inside our company. All world sees only an end result, but before model issue passes not one hour of persistent work. Fashionable footwear Mirko Ciccioli can be found in the most different countries of the world, it is claimed, because forms on the basis of fashion recent trends, and quality always remains at height.

  At creation of models the special attention is given to features of a foot, therefore footwear Mirko Ciccioli not only looks stylishly and qualitatively, and it also very convenient. In such footwear to feet it is cosy and comfortable that, unconditionally, each buyer will evaluate.

  Our contacts:

  Via Boncore n.28

  Cap. 63014 Montegranaro (AP), Italy

  Tel/Fax +39.0734.891926

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