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Footwear LITFOOT

2010-09-08 12:10:36
ExpoShoes Online
Footwear LITFOOT

Company LITFOOT manufactures shoes and is one of the largest manufacturers of footwear. The company offers a collection of model and everyday footwear brand LITFOOT, which were very effective on the basis of previous seasons and exhibitions.

We are offering you wholesale shoes, try to offer our customers attractive terms of cooperation. Our company constantly monitors the promotion of its brand, putting our money into developing new models and advertising support. To date, our range of footwear comfort-class is the largest in St. Petersburg and Moscow. All our shoes are made only from natural leather, certified, meets the highest quality. We update our collection of shoes every season and do a variety of collections. In addition to implementing shoes wholesale, we sell our collection in retail in our stores. The next step is the implementation of our project - online shop. We hope that you enjoy our collection and you will appreciate our advantages.


Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospect 212, office 4019,

7 (812) 448 8013; 7 (951) 673 0588

E-Mail: nord_west_spb@mail.ru


We are waiting for you!

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