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Klinskaya factory sports shoes

2010-04-14 10:49:54
Geraskin, PE
Klinskaya factory sports shoes

The history of Klinsky Factory of sports footwear has begun in 1961 with association of four small factories of a shoe profile in one Klinsky Shoe Factory of sports footwear. In 1965 it has been placed under the authority Committee on physical training and sports at Ministerial council of RSFSR and renamed into Klinsky Experimental Factory of sports footwear.

In 1973 the new industrial-administrative case has been constructed and the new equipment that has given the chance to increase quality of manufactured production is established and to expand a lineup. By the end of 1973 production of ski, tourist, football footwear, footwear for employment by weightlifting, boxing, struggle, sambo-wrestling struggle, figure skating and ice hockey has been run in.

By the end 70 production of Klinsky Experimental Factory of sports footwear has been presented at the international exhibitions in Czechoslovakia where has won gold medals:
InterSport ’ 76 (footwear for employment by a bar)
InterSport ’ 78 (footwear for employment by struggle)

To 80th sale of sports footwear have exceeded 600 000 steams a year. The factory has improved old models, and also has started to manufacture sports footwear for other kinds of sports: for baseball, bullet shooting, a high-speed skating, for track and field athletics and for equestrian sport (boots).

Reorganisation times were adversely reflected in production. Sport industry development has practically stayed. Factory retrained on production of special footwear. In 1995 the Factory has received the order for production of footwear for the Cuban Army for which in 1997 has been awarded the international prize «For quality».

1998 became significant in the history of Factory. The new command of managers managed to collect experts: process engineers and workers to restore production of sports footwear on the existing equipment. They have reinstated traditions of factory – production of ski boots, the figured fads, boots for employment by a bar, footwear for employment by boxing, football, struggle and sambo-wrestling struggle has begun.

The factory rebirth was marked by occurrence of brand MARAX under which began to manufacture all ruler of sports footwear.

By the end of 2002 170 persons worked on production of sports footwear already.

In 2003 the management of Factory has made decision to leave on new level in production of sports footwear. For this purpose the Klinsky Factory has made contract about cooperation with Italian design office where develop design of models for new collections of sports footwear MARAX. In 2004 at Factory the new high-technology equipment mounted by the supplier in March is established.

By degrees MARAX acquires friends and admirers, especially on behalf of youth. After all, first of all, production of inexpensive fashionable sports footwear is directed on satisfaction of their inquiries. In March, 2005, representing the production at exhibition Sport ’ 5, the Factory has received the diploma as «the Best home producer of sports footwear». It is the next step to success.

In a season 2008-2009. The factory left on new level. Now under mark MARAX our clients can acquire not only sports footwear, but also skis, sticks, fastenings SNS, NNN, NN-75, ointments and paraffin.

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