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Faraon company present:

2010-03-06 15:47:33
Geraskin, PE
Faraon company present:

Today the company the PHARAOH brings to your attention to familiarise with new trade mark EGO-easy successfully sold in Russia some years.

Footwear production is carried out by competent experts. It is possessed directly in territories of factories of Belarus and Russia.

Process of production occurs only on the modern equipment of known European firms (“Pfaf”, “Schon”, “Fortuna”) thanks to what there is a possibility of use for manufacturing of the wide list of materials and accessories.
In the majority footwear EGO does top of models not only of natural or artificial skin, but also and textile materials and has a glutinous method of fastening.
It is necessary as to notice that experts of company EGO pay huge attention of safety and to comfort of the footwear, therefore all footwear EGO is produced with allowance for an anatomic structure of foot of the person.
As a whole the footwear range has not only modern lines of the European fashion, but also to a comfort high level, stylish design, a price and quality parity.

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