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About us www.ExpoShoes.com

2010-08-11 14:54:48
ExpoShoes Online
About us www.ExpoShoes.com

International project for manuacturing and sales development in the footwear industry ExpoShoes Business Online, TM

Invitation for the registration in the resource www.ExpoShoes.com 
The project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM continues developing official partner relations with the international exhibitions of the world representing the footwear industry concluding partner cooperation agreements. Our main target is to acquaint the people in manufacturing and sales of the footwear industry goods with the international project ExpoShoes Business Online, ТМ and to open its representative offices in different countries of the world managed by the footwear industry professionals.
ExpoShoes Business Online, TM is an interesting, modern, and multifunctional developing project with extensive subject content and a set of useful for business functions: sending of messages using instant coded messaging that can provide instantaneous technical translation into 10 languages, file transfer through the instant messages system, display of the tariffs of shoe sizes and other tables and files to your clients; they are your news in English and Russian in RSS feed, articles about fashion, achievements of companies, presentation of your business or your trade mark in the user's profile, advertising services, presentation of your companies' web-sites in the catalogues of the world's footwear industry businesses, and other important functions that will be available to you. We are constantly working intensively at promotion of our portal and including new functions to your accounts. The main target is the access to information for businessmen of the footwear industry and sales.


ExpoShoes Business Online, TM is the only international project by this time that unites all footwear production industries at the level of the international exhibitions, which we constantly work with and conclude partner agreements, offer them to participate in our project ExpoShoes Business Online (Dunguan-China, ShoesAccess-Moscow); we are also supported by the international exhibition in Kiev.


Our project is your comfort and considerable advantages for your business running and turnover increasing, quick bridging with the sales market representatives as well as great conditions for your brands promotion in different countries of the world. We view our project as an on-line addition to the international exhibitions of the footwear industry where you can learn the news from the business of this subject, learn the latest world fashion trends, have a closer acquaintance with international public organizations and footwear exhibitions in many countries, show your products to those people who are related to your business.

Don't trouble transferring files of your new footwear collection models through unsafe sources and to unreliable people! Create your collection only once and show it to the reliable registered users of our project! Attract your clients to the project and use this convenient solution and instant messaging with them!

Our project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM is realized on the basis of a 10-year experience in the footwear industry business; it supplements and configures the relations between businessmen. The registration in the project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM is free for 1 year from the date of the project launching (20 July 2010).

The companies that are registered for free in our project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM will continue their participation free after the first year and use at least the main functions of the project.

By 10 Aug 2010, the following functions are either available or being developed at the project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM:

1.    gallery for 50 photos of the goods you manufacture (enciphering) – available;
2.    settings for visits and access to your products catalogues – available;
3.    protection of your products photos with our company logo – available;
4.    using bookmarks for the project users – under development;
5.    notes with reminding – under development;
6.    blocking visitors – available;
7.    section "exhibitions and awards" to present your company (50 photos) – under development;
8.    adding representatives or joining the manufacturer – available soon;
9.    possibility for your company's contact persons to participate in partners search in different business areas and in correspondence with them at the project (advisements, subject magazines, customers, managers of the international footwear exhibitions) – under development;
10.    billing acсount (settings and services ordering, statistics of your advertisements visiting, banners and other general expenses for the project) - under development;
11.    information from the international footwear exhibitions of the world (our general partners, we have them more and more!) – available but subdomain names for them are being completed;
12.    instant messaging with a set of functions for sending and showing images, tables, price-lists, prices etc selected by you – available;
13.    article "About us" in your profile with the possibility of the article placing in 10 languages of the world (there will be more) – available
14.    participation in the sole manufacturers catalogue (in the native and the English languages) – it includes footwear, bags, accessories, manufacturing materials, fittings and manufacturing, indexing in different internet systems – available;
15.    placing and displaying advertisements, news and banners at the main page of our portal www.ExpoShoes.com – FOR PAYMENT. Advertisements for the countries are divided in accordance with the language zones, as a whole or separately (prices are low, given in a downloadable file at http://exposhoes.com/pages/index/services, where you can find sizes and formats, kinds of information paid services; we consider your offers). You can also add our button-banner to your web-site (http://exposhoes.com/pages/index/web_developers) improving the indexation of your resource (in turn we will add the your link to our web-site). As the example you can see the links of the international exhibitions to our site: http://www.chinashoesexpo.com/en/press_partner.php?tm=3&ptlm=0&plm=4 or

We offer the representatives of the footwear industry to register – for this, we need the corroboration of the document of the person under registration from the company/private entrepreneur (the copies are deleted from the server after they are checked and they are not given to the third parties).


About us www.ExpoShoes.com

Save your personal time and means, make yourself known, communicate, exchange information, find your partners and successfully develop your business internationally!
Administration of the project ExpoShoes Business Online, TM

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