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Beginning of registration - 20/07/2010

2010-07-16 15:29:22
Geraskin, PE

Registration on a site ExpoShoes.com begins on July, 20th, 2010 - FREE OF CHARGE!

 Since July, 20th, 2010 free registration on the project of workers of shoe industry ExpoShoes Business Online begins!

 To professionals of the shoe industry and their business partners of the shoe industry, representatives of manufacturers and businessmen of the shoe industry on our project 1 album of the user with quantity of 50 photos for display of the goods and services is free of charge allocated, and also free placing in the catalogue of manufacturers of the shoe industry of the world, placing of the information on the enterprises of the shoe industry and their business partners, the instant ciphered correspondence with additional functions for business, a file transfer and other useful functions and other is granted.

 At registration of users they necessarily should confirm the relation to the shoe industry, loading colour copies of documents of the person responsible for registration (the private businessman, the businessman), this certificate or the patent, the licence, the document which is proving one's identity, the document on registration of the trade mark or other. The list of registered persons and the enterprises includes the given kind of business: footwear, bags, belts, the tanning industry (except clothes), accessories to footwear, a haberdashery to footwear, accessories, spare parts, means on care of a leather and footwear, chemistry for footwear, the equipment for the shoe industry, a service trade of tailoring and repair of given production, manufacturers of packing, a sole and other business which interacts with the shoe industry, including the exhibition shoe international organisations and the industrial unions).

As soon as possible our project is not going to enter paid registration on a site www.ExpoShoes.com and suggests to participate in assistance of advancement of project ExpoShoes Business Online, having established on your site our button of a banner.

Having established our banner to itself on a site, you confirm that you are interested in the further our development and your comfortable conditions for advancement of business by you on given project ExpoShoes Business Online. In turn we will develop sphere of the shoe industry in a mode online, helping the shoe industry and improving service as a whole, doing myself the further advantages on project ExpoShoes Business Online!

 Result the clients, partners, representatives, be registered and start to work in more convenient conditions where it is possible to save time and money, to earn, advertise, participate!

 We are interested in preservation of your personal information on the project and we suggest to establish at registration access options to your profile.

Administration of project ExpoShoes Business Online

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