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Invitation to register

2010-10-08 01:48:52
ExpoShoes Online
Invitation to register

Draft ExpoShoes Business Online is an official partner of the international exhibition organizations, exhibition in Russia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Ukraine (in absentia), which themselves, as partners, in absentia, are actively involved! Their number is constantly increasing, as well as registered users on our theme project!

We invite your organization to a permanent and free registration at the international project, the shoe industry production and sales ExpoShoes Business Online Portal www.ExpoShoes.com!

The advantages of our portal in the social and thematic direction of the B2B (business to business), where going to a full range of thematic information services for branding, familiarity with private entrepreneurs in finding partners in the list of other countries and continents.

Technical parameters of our portal www.ExpoShoes.com can provide any relevant industry shoe industry information to any countries and continents (in whole or individually) in ten major languages (English by default, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Italian , Polish, Portuguese, Turkish). Information sections of the portal www.ExpoShoes.com, according to the specially developed by us specifications, have the ability to provide users of the portal to display per seat section main page of 1 to 10.000 (or more) information and promotional materials to users around the world. Availability of RSS feeds of news on main page (English and Russian - will be included on all language packs RSS, which will have our portal) as well as Russian-speaking and English-language Web-Blogs allows you to export provided by the thematic information of users from our portal to other information and custom websites in English and Russian languages.

The project «ExpoShoes Business Online» includes a full range of information and professional services to state, collective and private sectors, training, exhibition, manufacturing, wholesale trade, information and advertising types of businesses to inform other project participants and Internet users around the world. The structure of the project «ExpoShoes Business Online» Portal www.ExpoShoes.com based on the provision of information and thematic range of services on the Internet and includes the presence of social business section to find partners to communicate through an encrypted instant mode of correspondence, as well as other handy features on the project that we are constantly being developed and implemented on the project.

The Internet is very much unnecessary to our thematic information to users, making it difficult to search and leads to loss of time. The main advantages of our project «ExpoShoes Business Online» that focuses on one cluster sector businesses, which in turn facilitates the rapid collection and find useful, necessary and important information for all areas of business footwear and accessories in general.

In October 2010 we are launching a sub-domain sites for the International Exhibition Companies (example www.minsk.exposhoes.com, www.chinashoesexpo.exposhoes.com, www.shoesaccess.exposhoes.com), which, with the direct participation of these organizations will be filled with all carrier information to users around the world.
On the project there is a possibility of communication between other team members from different countries (encrypted instant correspondence with the ability to transfer files, including the extension of doc.), The ability to create galleries of goods and services (secure encrypted information), the publication of news on any of the selected countries continents and you provided the translated languages (fee includes a duplication of news on our various blogs and accounts for review with other members of social networking sites).

Stay with us and please pass the registration on the link:
http://exposhoes.com/users/registration, according CAREFULLY selected group of users.

Soon we will offer all users of our project to connect to your work and business managers, creating in your registered profile of the work for them free parking.
Our project is young, but we create miracles!
Catch-saving time and money!

Geraskin Sergei Nikolaevich
project manager

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