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About the project site ExpoShoes.com

2010-06-26 15:27:43
Geraskin, PE
About the project site ExpoShoes.com

Registration on the international portal of shoe industry ExpoShoes Business Online begins on July, 20th, 2010. We invite to registration on our project the international exhibition shoe organisations, manufacturers of footwear, manual bags, gloves, accessories to footwear, a chemical industry for the shoe industry, manufacturers of soles, the tanning industry, conditioning agents behind footwear, manufacturers of the equipment for the shoe industry, a shoe haberdashery, spare parts for footwear, heels, instep supports, materials for footwear, private businessmen, businessmen, official representatives of manufacturers transferred above, chiefs of shops of footwear, the footwear repair shops, the trading shoe organisations and all who touches the shoe industry of production and sales!

What for registration it will be necessary?

It is necessary to confirm participation in the given kind of business at registration, having loaded colour photos documents: a photo or a logo of the registered trade mark or the businessman, passport page on which there is a photo of the user and his name (we do not use the important data and we do not transmit to third persons), the certificate of the businessman, the licence for manufacturers or the patent. The main thing, - to confirm itself or the organisation that you are connected with the shoe industry of production and sales.


About the project site ExpoShoes.com

All persons from the various countries can be registered. Dialogue languages on a site will be supplemented by degrees, including Arabian, Chinese and others. At the given stage a translation of site technical, with start of a site the writing of articles and materials will allow to get rid us of technical translation and to pass to a professional writing of texts.

On the project there are at first 10 languages for dialogue, in the help for translation of texts on the project there is in a message transfer mode an automatic technical translator who will facilitate to you trunk-call business process. In a mode of message transfer the user can attach a file of the goods from own gallery, a price, to indicate, what data on the goods the user to whom the message is transmitted can see. Messages work in the ciphered mode that improves safety of your negotiations. You can connect the accounts with accounts in social networks.

Galleries have protection and options of their viewings by other users. Options of galleries it is possible to forbid or allow viewing of galleries on categories to users on your discretion. 50 photos of the goods both their description and one gallery will be granted free of charge.

The international exhibition organisations holding exhibitions of footwear can take advantage at signing of the partner agreement of an additional name (youname) .exposhoes.com where they are waited by weight of fine decisions for use of our resource for advancement of the exhibition business connected with subjects of our project. Such exhibitions - partners are general after signing of the agreement and are published on the first page in section of General partners of our project. As such exhibitions we will have the account we can to offer them the independent publication of the data, releases and post-releases, to do dispatch to users of our system, involving and informing all on coming nearer international thematic exhibitions which will pass all over the world.

Our project has no analogues in the structure and development, it will be constantly improved, and after start we can constantly offer all registered users weight of qualitative services of thematic character. Our project of development of the shoe industry does not go on an easy way, ourselves embody what did not suffice for normal qualitative business dealing between manufacturers and buyers - businessmen in a life.

We hope that our project ExpoShoes Business Online on a site www.ExpoShoes.com becomes for All of you the reference book in every respect, connected with this kind of business and will bring desirable results for you. We are complete of interesting ideas in creation and development of the given project and we ask you to tell to all who attends to this thematic business, to join it.

Registration of users will be carried out free of charge throughout certain time. Advertising on the different countries of the world will be carried out on a paid basis. Can order banners, articles, RSS news in various languages of nations of the world which will be shown on the necessary countries which you can choose. Also there will be also free functions of publications of your materials and news. We offer many free functions on the project which will allow you to do without expenses.


We look in the successful future of project ExpoShoes Business Online and we ask to join us from the moment of the registration beginning, on July, 20th, 2010!



Yours faithfully to workers of the shoe industry of production and sales!

Administration of the project of development of shoe industry ExpoShoes Business Online!

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