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Enterprise Ltd Factory Mountaineer

2010-04-12 04:05:35
Geraskin, PE
Enterprise Ltd Factory Mountaineer

Shoe factory - special footwear for active people, we make and it is realised under the optimum prices

Shoe factory - special footwear for active people

     The enterprise of Open Company "Factory" the Climber »- one of leaders on production of leather footwear of a special purpose. Various models of footwear are developed for socks in fighting and extreme situations.

     The checked up and reliable military footwear for internal troops and all divisions of army, for example the presents army footwear is repeatedly tested not only in laboratory, but also in actual practice. We co-operate with the firms making a camouflage and equipment of different function.

     The shoe enterprise of Open Company "Factory" the Climber »repeatedly won at various competitions and delivers military regimentals for the state needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, including special footwear for application in any fighting conditions. The special army footwear is the important element of equipment on which quality the life at times depends. Army boots made by us were highly appreciated by fighters Petersburg OMON, participating in operations.

     Firm boots of OMON used and in extreme conditions of the North Caucasus. Our range represent not only military boots for all kinds of armies, including kersey boots for soldiers and officer boots chromic a choice quality, but also footwear for hunting and work.

     At us it is possible to find items from quality materials of the Russian and foreign production, with furnish and an accessories from the best manufacturers. Our shoe factory offers the footwear produced strictly according to the commercial specification that guarantees to consumers optimum quality and a long operating time. If the working footwear or tourist, большего a choice, than in Open Company "Factory" the Climber »is necessary for you, to you not to find. And, without exaggeration it is possible to tell that the best footwear in Petersburg is made for extreme situations by us.

Chromic leather

     We use only a natural chromic leather as it is the most non-polluting material. It ensures to a skin of feet normal потоотведение, breath and optimum temperature. A chromic leather produce at the advanced Russian and foreign factories under our order. Its features: it is produced from leather of the Horned cattle for special purpose footwear, has in the increased thickness and elasticity (that improves stability of top of footwear to repeated bends), firmness to shock and using up effects, action of water, a dirt and a dust.

Yuft the shoe

    Is a natural material and unlike a chromic skin has the increased contents of fatty substances, and also water resistance and wear resistance, but is less elastic.

Water-proof fabric

     Water-proof "breathing" material, hi-tech, two-composite (мембрана+ткань) on the basis of the most thin waterproof membrane. The availability in a membrane of a microtime in diameter 1-7 microns, smaller in the sizes, than water molecules, does not allow water to get through such material in footwear. At the same time the internal condensate (steam molecule) opposite, adjusted by a driving power - a difference of concentration of steams of water from within and outside, successfully overcomes a membrane microtime in the opposite direction and evaporates in environment.

The materials created on technology GORE-TEX, have following properties:

1. Protection against a moisture: the two-composite material maintains a ten-metre sheet of water
2. Air permeability (the foot breathes)
3. Effect of "a wind barrier" at simultaneous preservation of air permeability
4. High elasticity
5. High resistibility to истиранию and to rupture
6. High endurance against acid and petrol
Materials GORE-TEX ensure the best влагозащищенность and allow feet to breathe and evaporate to sweat, than create a comfort maximum level.

In production tactical спецобуви for некторых models we use fabrics with water-repellent impregnation of type «Cordura» and "Camouflage"

Natural fur

      Unlike other shoe enterprises, we use natural fur of EXCLUSIVELY EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERS, including fur of trade mark Suomi. We supervise its production at all stages: beginning from purchase of skins in Australia before finishing furnish of an end-product.
      Conclusive advantages of fur Suomi: excellent manufacture, warmly natural sheepskin, equal окрас.
Effective protection against a cold is reached at the expense of special structure of natural woollen fibres which keep air molecules.
      The more air is in a definite volume, the above теплоизоляционные properties.



The unique microfibrous material is developed and produced by the American company 3М. Fibres Thinsulate (diameter from 2 to 10 micron) at 50-70 time are more thin human hair. They keep great volume of air, saving heat better, therefore Thinsulate in 1,5 times is warmer than natural down. The extralight weight, unique heat-shielding properties, ability to "breathe" and усадка less than 1 % gives footwear new properties. Items with heater Thinsulate are used in army divisions of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, fishermen of northern seas. It is tested in Russia and well itself has built up a reputation for in Arctic regions, in ice deserts of Yamal, in Siberia and areas of the extreme North.     
    Modern lining material on a nonwoven basis. Has high indicators of hygroscopicity and wear resistance. Has antibacterial and противогрибковыми properties.



    The basic and supplementary insoles from material Fintex in every respect surpasses technical indicators of other marks стелечных materials. Are made by means of спецпрессовки at which there is an association of cellulose fibres to strong latex that ensures high microbiological durability.

    Main quality of insoles: stability to истиранию and to rupture. Scientists have developed a method of definition of such resistance by measurement of volume of loss of a material after the set quantity of cycles истирания. If the volume of losses is insignificant, the insole has high resistance while the majority of the insoles participating in this experience, cubic mm had volume of losses at 75-50., indicator Fintex has constituted 25 cubic mm. Thanks to unique technology Fintex also has excellent flexibility and softness, excellent resistance to a stretching in damp and dry conditions.

Our contact:

Open Company "Climber", Russia, 192286,
St.-Petersburg, the Alpine lane, д. 30

Bodies.(812 448-14-66 (sales department); (812 453-93-35
Fax: (812 773-27-33
http://www.alpine1988.ru/ AN E-mail: alpine1988@mail.ru

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