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Trademark shoes Lisette

2010-03-27 00:27:31
Geraskin, PE
Trademark shoes Lisette

Lisette is the footwear specially created for our women which are active and aspire to look perfectly. The woman choosing Lisette, personifies an image easy, romantic, with a small segment of irony and mischief. She derives inspiration from beauty surrounding it and understands a fashion, as a method to express the internal sensitive world. Stella Mazarini — the female footwear combining of some styles: classical-elegant and is fashionable-vanguard. By production of footwear Stella Mazarini natural skin with every possible manufacture are used only: a smooth skin, velour, a skin with stampings, a skin under a reptile, a skin with laser processing, a skin with a dusting, a skin with large and small мереей, a varnish, the combined skin. Accessories of footwear Stella Mazarini are every possible buckles, клёпки, every possible inserts of different kinds of skin, отстрочки, flowers etc. very interesting diverse colour scale of footwear Stella Mazarini.

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